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An Important Part of Jamaica's Traditional Ethnomedical Heritage is its Roots & Herb Tea's and Tonics. These Beverages are Deep Decoctions of Barks, Leaves Herbs & Roots of the Caribbean Forest Species. They Are Consumed Mainly To Build Better Strength & Vitality.


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We select our produce with purpose to ensure it promotes nutrition, wellbeing and life longevity whilst also keeping you excited about what you do about your health. We use the phrase ‘produce with purpose’ because of our commitment to health and wellbeing but also social impact.

We know not everyone gets the same chances in life, but we also know it’s possible to change if given the right chances and opportunities. We are creating community support projects and employment opportunities for individuals who didn’t get the chances or childhood pathways toward a successful and nourishing future.

Our reach includes Supporting The Homeless and bringing comfort and support to the many victims of crime and those affected as a result. Our intentions are to reduce crime in our communities by supporting hard to reach individuals into employment.

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